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NOTE - GDPR provisions 2018: The above policy wording was in place at the time this site's online article sales were suspended in 2015. While digital sales remain suspended there are no customers and therefore no customer contact details. Regarding previous customers, Old House Info Ltd does not exercise the option of ongoing 'cold-contacting' past customers, or those visitors who may email, and has not compiled a mailing list or database of contacts. The former privacy policy above would be reviewed in the event of a decision to resume sales in the future.

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The information contained on this website and downloadable articles is based upon areas of recent understanding in the field of historic building conservation in the UK and as such is part of an ongoing evaluation of how old buildings respond to changes in maintenance and use. This website and its articles aim to foster an understanding of the general issues involved in the maintenance of old domestic dwellings in the UK but cannot cover all aspects of all possible issues and is for information only and is not a substitute for specific professional advice. Information may be updated at any time without notice. Some of the processes, products and materials referred to may be subject to local regulations and laws governing permissions or the proper and safe use of materials and enquiry should be made of the appropriate local government authority. Old House Info Ltd has no control over how any of the information contained in its articles or elsewhere on its website or on any linked website or other publication is used and can accept no liability for loss, damage or injury however caused.

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